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Company Background
VLP Engineering Sdn Bhd was inaugurated on the 18th May 2006 and the office of the company is located at Saujana Damansara, Petaling Jaya, Selangor Darul Ehsan. We have several years of invaluable experience in specializing works related in the Lightning Protection System and Surge Protection System.

VLP Engineering Sdn Bhd is the leading sole distributor and installer for the MARSA electrical device products. The product brand known as MARSA are manufactured locally whereby its factory is situated at Subang Bestari under the manufacturer of Transient Resources Sdn. Bhd. Besides being a sole distributor, VLP Engineering Sdn Bhd also provides other technical services namely design of Lightning Protection System (LPS), Electrical Project Management, Trouble Shooting in matters related to lightning surge.

MARSA products have been in the market for more than six years and the product’s research and development (R & D) is being done continuously. The enhancement of such products has taken place for more than ten years. Since its inception, MARSA products have been undergone numerous testing and product development in order to fulfill the need and demand as requested by the prospective clients. MARSA product has been tested under the Malaysian extreme climatic conditions of 200 to 300 strikes of lightning per year. Thus, we anticipate and intended that MARSA’s product is considered the best in Malaysia in term of reliability, functionalbility, durability and money worth buying , consequently the best product in the world.

The research was done in collaboration with the TM Research and Development as well as SIRIM Research and Development respectively. All of MARSA products have been tested and approved by SIRIM according to the requirement standards and compliance to the MS IEC 61643-1 and MS IEC 61643-12. Likewise, it’s also compliance to International Standards of IEEE C62.41 and BS 6651 for the Lightning and Surge Protection Device.

In order to be more competitive and consequently the leader in the Lightning Protection System as well as the Surge Protection System, the company are currently armed with experience and professional team whom are expert in their sales and marketing field as well as expertise in the technical aspect. The company always maintains a good relationship with its customer both are from the private and government sector.

Our company had completed many projects in collaboration with government agency and also from the private sectors. List of clients of completed and current projects could be viewed in the ‘current and completed projects’.

Periodically, our company always makes sure that the products that we distributed in the market have the best quality and are always compliance to the Malaysian standards. It is our practice that the product initially being test prior being installed at the site. Therefore, the R & D has never being end by the Research and Development Team at Transient Resources Sdn. Bhd.

In conclusion, since we are equipped with the best team and also the best products, we are optimist and ready to take the local and global challenges in the pursuit of sales of Lightning and Surge protection systems in Malaysia albeit with other brand in the market; and we intend to export MARSA products to the International market in the near future.


Our mission is to create awareness and educate everyone about the harmful and the impact that could cause by lightning and surge. Subsequently, we want to distribute MARSA products to Asian countries since those countries are experiencing similar lightning characteristics with our country. Moreover, we intend to create and design new surge protection devices in tandem with the advancement of science and technology. Thus, we want to ensure that our products have the best quality and could give the most satisfaction to our customers.



The company’s vision is to be the first local company that distributes the electrical devices product that could be accepted and used by every country in this world. The product than are compliance not only with Malaysian and International standards, but also with other standards uses in other countries. We also aim to produce products that use the latest technology.

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