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Power DC Surge Protector
MARSA Power DC surge protectors are designed to protect DC supply system. The range of products can divert up to 40kA surge current per phase (P-N), (P-E), (N-E) generated in electrical power line to the earth. Protection is effective in diverting the lightning surge, internally generated and over-charging transient conditions.


  • Full mode protection with 4 MOV's. All mode protection covers Positive-Negatve (P-N), Positive-Earth (P-E) and Neutral-Earth (N-E).
  • Monoblock protection.
  • Ensure reliability of surge protector to the faclities and equipment.
  • Transient over current protector.
  • Double MOV's in line P-N.
  • With light indicator.
  Power DC Surge Protector


  • Withstand surge current 40kA per phase (P-N), (P-E), (N-E)..
  • Designed for DC power line. Suitble to protect inverter in solar system, DC switch Board, protect battery and etc.
  • Suitable for electrical, electronic and mechanical equipment (control system).


Standard of Compliances
Standard of References
  • MS IEC 61643-1
  • MS IEC 61643-12
  • IEEE C62.41
  • BS 6651
  • The product is warranted only for manufacturing defects. The warranty period is two years and began on the date of purchased.
  • The warranty does not apply to for any misused, altered, neglected or damaged by accident or abnormal conditions of operation or handling.
  • Warranty is only valid if the products is purchased through an approved MARSA distributor only.
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